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Vision, mission and values


Embracing technology with a conscience to advance knowledge and promote sustainability.


We equip future leaders to solve complex problems.

We respond to the needs of students, and the evolving world, by providing superior undergraduate, graduate, and lifelong learning experiences. To this end, ‘what we do’ to achieve our mission and to ‘tell our story’ is guided by a community-focused approach on our strategic priorities:

  • Tech with a conscience: Innovating to improve lives and the planet by incorporating technology-enhanced learning strategies, and promoting the ethical development and use of technology for good through intensive research and inquiry.

  • Learning re-imagined: Co-creating knowledge by adapting to the ever-changing educational landscape through the provision of flexible and dynamic learning and research opportunities.

  • Creating a sticky campus: Cultivating student- and community-centric engagement opportunities by encouraging an inclusive culture for our institution through online and on-campus activities.

  • Partnerships: Uncovering innovative solutions for their most pressing problems through purposeful research and collaboration with industry, community, government and academic partners especially as it relates to all facets of global sustainability and well-being.


Ontario Tech is a place where every person belongs and is free to grow their skillsets and mindsets.

We cultivate lasting relationships through:

  • Integrity: Supporting a culture of trust and belonging by consistently promoting equity, fairness, kindness and ethics.

  • Inclusion: Advancing a learning community where we achieve success by prioritizing reconciliation, valuing diversity and eradicating discrimination and hate. 

  • Intellectual resilience: Pursuing excellence in all that we do by respecting different points of view and engaging constructively when exploring ideas and advancing knowledge.

  • Innovation: Inspiring world-changing ideas by re-imagining learning and in so doing, fostering an environment that provokes curiosity, creativity, ingenuity and failure while stimulating growth.